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Investing in your peace of mind.

Taking control of your finances is taking control of your future. We assist you in organizing your finances to live a better life, enjoying your time and what truly matters.

Tailored solutions

Our clients include:

Spanning across various age groups, professional backgrounds, and personal aspirations, our clients share a common thread: they recognize the significance of organizing their finances and are eager to intelligently plan their financial future, seeking freedom and peace of mind.

We provide guidance to professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes aiming to expand their wealth. Crafting customized plans and portfolios, we actively collaborate with each individual to achieve their goals.

We accompany clients in making pivotal life decisions, whether it's purchasing a property, launching a new business venture, or considering family expansion. We ensure that the financial aspect of these decisions is not a source of stress.

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We assist families living off their wealth in managing and safeguarding their assets, ensuring their preservation over time, and facilitating a successful transition to future generations.

We strive to educate families about available options and provide them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions.

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The advisory model has evolved in the United States and Europe. It's time for a similar transformation in Latin America.

At Nantas, we provide the necessary tools to financial planners who want to lead this change, enabling them to focus their time where they add the most value: assisting their clients.

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What we do

You set the goals, we pave the way.

Preparing for your retirement

You aim to retire without worrying about money.

Preserving your family heritage

You want to protect or preserve the family heritage for future generations.

Leveraging your money

You want to make the most of your capital by investing in financial markets.

Preparing for a new chapter

You want to be financially ready to take the next step in your life.

Our services

Taking action today is the key to tomorrow's success

Financial planning

We assist you in planning and designing your future, providing a strategic action plan to help you achieve your life goals.

Investments management

We tailor investment portfolios to meet your specific needs. Making evidence-based decisions, we guide you in managing and growing your wealth intelligently and securely.

Services for financial planners

We provide you with all the tools to update yourself to the latest advisory models, enhancing your relationship with clients.

Our process

Are you interested in starting to work together?


Initial consultation call

Schedule an initial call with our team. We’ll listen firsthand to your goals and the current state of your finances, address your concerns, and ask some questions to determine if we can assist you.


Financial plan setup

If you decide to proceed, we will have two in-person meetings to thoroughly understand your current financial situation, organize it, and present your personalized financial plan. This plan will serve as a roadmap for you to achieve your goals. You can decide without pressure whether you want to implement it with us.



If you choose to engage us for implementation, we will proceed with opening an account in your name in the U.S., crafting your investment portfolio, and through bi-annual meetings, we will assist you in keeping the plan on track.

What sets us apart?

The Nantas way

We will never:

Charging hidden fees or earning commissions

We refuse to participate in standard industry practices. At all times you will be clear about how much you are paying for our service.

Use speculative investments

There is no place for financial speculation in Nantas. We invest in a proven way and focus on the long term.

Leave your plan on autopilot

When there are changes in your life, your plan has to change too. We will meet periodically to ensure that your financial plan and portfolio are always up to date.

This is what we guarantee:

Transparent pricing

You'll know exactly how much you're paying for the service. We understand that lower costs translate to better outcomes for you.

Tailored and honest guidance

We design a personalized plan for you. Your goals and needs are unique, and so is your financial plan.

We consider more than just your portfolio.

We analyze all aspects of your personal finances. We'll help you get organized, reduce your tax burden, plan for retirement, and more.

Our essence

Earning and respecting the trust of our clients is the most important thing for us. We are independent of banks and other financial institutions, working exclusively for the benefit of our clients. We are transparent in everything we do and base our advice on evidence.

Our philosophy

We eliminate noise and speculation; Investing well is not about that. We control what can be controlled: we minimize non-value-added costs, optimize the tax burden and diversify widely across thousands of companies around the world.

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Years successfully advising clients with a new work model, based on evidence and academic research.

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Schedule your initial consultation call

By asking you a few questions and listening to your ideas, we can agree to put together a financial plan tailored to you.

"We are moving away from the status quo and adopting a new model of advice, fairer to the client.

Our approach is simple: do the right thing for our clients, today and every day."

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Investing in your peace of mind.

Taking control of your finances is taking control of your future.